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Seat Cover


Available Vehicles:
European and American car models:BMW, Benz, Buick, Ford, etc.
1. High quality and technique
Advanced German machines for good stitching and seams technique Precise automated cutting machinese for PVC leather Professional
cutting workers for genuine leather,take these patterns and precisely Thanks to our team’s good craftsmanship, these seat covers
have a felt underlining to prevent the seat covers from damaging your original seats over time. Once installed our leather
interior package will look fit, and feel better than the factory leather interior
2. most durable, easily clean
Each seat cover is of premium quality, can be used for ten or longer years. They have finished edges, tailored corners,
color-matched thread, double stitching, and reinforced critical seams.
3. Easy Installation
Two types of leather kits
A: Directly put the new leather kits on the top of the origianl factory covers
B: Wholly replace the factory covers or the worn out ones.
Take off your original factory cover first, and then install the new leather kits
Protect your vehicle against pets, moisture, dirt, grease, sand, and sweat. Make your car more beautiful, make you feel
more comfortable and less tired when driving Resist mildew and sun-fade!

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